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Re: [PATCH rhel6-branch 04/11] Wait for activation of specific devices instead of NM (#638131)

On 01/14/2011 02:04 AM, Chris Lumens wrote:
          if (i>  0) {
              if (FL_CMDLINE(flags)) {
-                fprintf(stderr, _("There was an error configuring your network "
+                fprintf(stderr, _("There was an error activating your network "
                  fprintf(stderr, _("\nThis cannot be corrected in cmdline mode.\n"
I'm not really so much of a fan of changing translated strings in a
released product unless we absolutely have to.

Alright, I don't insist, maybe I'm too picky here because
I've been having problems in communication when confusing
configuration and activation (enablement) of network in

@@ -2106,29 +2111,32 @@ void splitHostname (char *str, char **host, char **port)

- * Start NetworkManager and wait for a valid link, return non-zero on error.
+ * Wait for activation of iface by NetworkManager, return non-zero on error.
+ * If iface == NULL wait for any device.
-int get_connection(iface_t *iface) {
-    int count = 0;
+int wait_for_iface_activation(char *ifname) {
+    int count = 0, i;
      NMClient *client = NULL;
      NMState state;
      GMainLoop *loop;
      GMainContext *ctx;
+    const GPtrArray *devices;
+    NMDevice *device = NULL;

-    if (iface == NULL) {
+    if (ifname == NULL) {
          return 1;
How does bailing at the very beginning of the function on NULL match the
behavior described in the comment up top?

I'll fix the comment, it turned out that the behavior
is not needed.


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