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Re: some brainstorming on location in anaconda

Hi Chris!

On Thu, 2011-01-13 at 16:36 +0000, Chris Lumens wrote:
> This raises an important question about how we go about adding these new
> interfaces.  The proposal is pretty drastically different in style from
> everything else in anaconda.  Do we merge in a single completely
> different UI for one screen and have it look very out of place, or do we
> wait to merge until the rest of the UI looks similar?

I think it's your call which approach is best. If it'd be helpful I
could remix each set of mockups to fit the current layout / widget look
& feel / patterns in today's Anaconda. If I understand then the choices
would be:

- build all new ui on a different branch and wait until it's complete to
merge... using an all-new look & feel, etc.

- update the current screens as is possible using the existing look &
feel / constraints piece-by-piece / screen-by-screen, and once that is
complete, then later on go back and update them to a revamped look &
feel and make some UI pattern changes too (e.g., kill pop-up windows,
introduce overlays). 

I don't think you'd ever want to introduce one or two screens with this
totally out-there look & feel in the middle of what you've got now...
it's too jarring.

> As long as we have a way for the user to verify they're typing in the
> layout they chose, it's fine.  It doesn't matter to me whether it's a
> magic light up layout image or a text box.  However, it does seem like
> the layout image is harder to discover that you can use for
> verification.  Without the focus stealing, you'd have to know to put the
> mouse over it first.  I don't know that we can do the focus stealing.
> And if we do, can we still make the keyboard accelerators for Back/Next
> work right?

Yeh the light-up map is clever but the discoverability is a
pain-in-the-butt. Maybe having a simple text widget that fills in as you
type makes the most sense. I think it's still good to have a visual of
the keyboard layout though so you can compare it to the one under your
fingers more easily. I'll play with the mockup and see how that might


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