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Re: loader+pykickstart integration preview

> Overall I like it, but I have one concern - would we be able
> to handle (execute) multiple network commands in loader
> on top of this changes? Like by adding some mechanism
> similar to KickstartData and execute(). Perhaps access
> to NetworkData objects stored in _dataObjs with some
> logic in loader can do. I am just making sure it won't be
> big problem because I have some patches for networking
> requiring this in queue.

Yes.  Maybe it's not clear from the patch, though.  If you look at the
new setKickstartNetwork in patch #6, you will see a call to getDataList
close to the top.  This grabs the list of data objects.  Then, I walk
that list and do stuff for each one.  So I'm taking care of multiple
network commands like that.

My real question about this is how much stuff should I do for each
network command.  I likely don't want to be setting loaderData
attributes for each.  Consider the following:

   network --bootproto=dhcp --device=eth0
   network --ip= --gateway= --device=eth1

If I apply settings to loaderData for each of these lines, loaderData
will end up reflecting the combination of the two.  No good.

- Chris

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