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Re: loader+pykickstart integration preview

On 01/19/2011 04:08 PM, Chris Lumens wrote:
Overall I like it, but I have one concern - would we be able
to handle (execute) multiple network commands in loader
on top of this changes? Like by adding some mechanism
similar to KickstartData and execute(). Perhaps access
to NetworkData objects stored in _dataObjs with some
logic in loader can do. I am just making sure it won't be
big problem because I have some patches for networking
requiring this in queue.
Yes.  Maybe it's not clear from the patch, though.  If you look at the
new setKickstartNetwork in patch #6, you will see a call to getDataList
close to the top.  This grabs the list of data objects.  Then, I walk
that list and do stuff for each one.  So I'm taking care of multiple
network commands like that.

Ah, sorry, I didn't expect it there so I didn't see it.

My real question about this is how much stuff should I do for each
network command.  I likely don't want to be setting loaderData
attributes for each.  Consider the following:

    network --bootproto=dhcp --device=eth0
    network --ip= --gateway= --device=eth1

If I apply settings to loaderData for each of these lines, loaderData
will end up reflecting the combination of the two.  No good.

That is really good point. I need to check this in my patches too.
Maybe it is time to rework it more thoroughly - not to pass the
values through loaderData, but use ifcfg structure right away
(not for rhel6 probably). Otherwise really a lot of loaderData
initialization has to happen in network command handler.
And yes, even more setting will be needed with your patch as
formerly some loaderData were updated right in process of parsing

And then again - ouch - some behaviour, like using device set
in cmdline for network command with unspecified device collide
with resetting of former value of lodaderData->device in network
command handler.

If you don't to want bother with it now, just use only the first network
command in your handler and ignore the others (that's the behaviour now)
and I'll either port my multiple network command patch on top of it,
or if I push earlier, I'll update my patch to reset loaderData values
(or use iface structure) and later review carefully (or take care of) your
setKickstartNetwork patch.


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