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Re: Draft proposal for using full anaconda as the default Fedora download

On Sat, 2011-01-22 at 02:33 +0000, J.H. wrote:
> I don't entirely agree with removing the installation option from the
> live media, I think it actually would be a bad idea.
> The issue at hand seems to be one where there are, effectively, two
> different installers being supported (one from the live image, and the
> more normal anaconda route).  Why not simplify this some?
> On the live image have the "install" option do nothing more than execute
> a kexec (with an appropriate we will be leaving the live realm and
> entering the installer, you can't switch back and forth, etc preamble)
> to a safe install medium, likely the anaconda network installer to save
> space.

This is a really interesting idea. Is there a way to enable an install
without internet connection though? Is it a problem if not? I'm not sure
- you need an internet connection to download the ISO in the first place
so maybe not. (It might be a problem to hand something like this out at
shows or thru the free media project though? Maybe?) 

> This would, I think, keep both sides of this situation happy.  It still
> uses the proper anaconda installer, while preserving the ability to
> opportunistically let people install from the live image should they want.

I like it, what do the installer team folks think?

> And if the live images had boot from iscsi support you could run the
> whole thing, end to end, from the internet - but I'll admit I can't
> figure out who's in charge of the live images to get that support added
> in (which I'd happily do the patches for).

I'm not sure either, sadly :(


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