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Re: Draft proposal for using full anaconda as the default Fedora download

On Sat, 2011-01-22 at 03:09 +0000, inode0 wrote:
> Well, this is what was worrying me about this discussion. I think the
> live media (or some sort of live media) really has tremendous value at
> events big and small. If this leads to an effort to make better live
> media I'm all for it. Getting rid of live media is going to be a tough
> sell to those of us who see its value.

Is the value in demoing *in the booth* or giving to people to take home?

> > Maybe at events, but it is promoted as such on the website. I'm not sure
> > what % of installs originate from event-distributed media but would it
> > be the majority? I think online is probably the primary distribution
> > channel? (Does that seem sensical?)
> I'm sure the number of installs generated by the website dwarfs the
> number from media distributed at events. We probably only give out
> around 6k pieces of media per release in North America so I hope other
> installation sources contribute more to our user base.
Ah. So it may not be worth mentioning events much at all in the
proposal. Sorry for stringing it in, especially in such a misinformed
light, I'm very sorry - I don't know much about which media is produced
in what numbers, but thought we had handed out a lot more live media
than DVD at shows I've been boothing at in recent memory.

> >> >From the perspective of someone who has handed out such media at
> >> events, if the install to hard drive option on the live media is
> >> causing issues my suggestion is to remove it. The live media has great
> >> value without it - it seems to be almost an afterthought anyway.
> >
> > I'm glad to hear this. I don't know how widely this opinion is shared
> > but I hope it is.
> I know other people who love installing from live media. But as I look
> at the sources of value that live media brings to the table that is at
> the bottom of the list.
> I'll add that the biggest shortcoming of the current live media in my
> opinion is that it doesn't include enough software to really showcase
> Fedora in as powerful a way as it could. I would like to see us move
> to live media that includes much more, perhaps as big as 2GB which
> could easily accommodate a full installer being incorporated into it.

Yeh, I think a word processor would help. And gimp. And inkscape. But I
am biased :) 


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