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Missing ISO 9660 Image

Hi All,

I am stuck with ISO missing error, I have customized ISO out of centos tree ISO get install with DVD (Burn on DVD and install from ROM) But i wanted to install from USB stick, 

It runs all pre-script installation and stuck in mounting ISO from usb stick then it throw the "Missing ISO 9660 image" and exit the installation,  

I started debugging the code and came to the point where it failed, Following is the code point where it fail to mount the ISO.


    def mountMedia(self, cdNum):
        if self.mediaIsMounted:
            raise SystemError, "trying to mount already-mounted iso image!"


        retry = True
        while retry:
                isoImage = self.isoDir + '/' + self.path + '/' + self.discImages[cdNum]

                isys.makeDevInode("loop3", "/tmp/loop3")
                isys.losetup("/tmp/loop3", isoImage, readOnly = 1)

                isys.mount("loop3", self.tree, fstype = 'iso9660', readOnly = 1);
                self.mediaIsMounted = cdNum

                retry = False
                ans = self.messageWindow( _("Missing ISO 9660 Image"),
                                          _("The installer has tried to mount "
                                            "image #%s, but cannot find it on "
                                            "the hard drive.\n\n"
                                            "Please copy this image to the "
                                            "drive and click Retry. Click Reboot "
                                            " to abort the installation.")
                                            % (cdNum,), type="custom",
                if ans == 0:
                elif ans == 1:
                    self.discImages = findIsoImages(self.isoPath, self.messageWindow)


I started debugging installer and i found that iso file exist under "/tmp/isodir/images/centos.iso"

Filesystem for USB stick is FAT32 
Partition type: W95 FAT32

Can some please help me to understand this code, in the above function " isys.mount("loop3", self.tree, fstype = 'iso9660', readOnly = 1);" Why we are passing "self.tree" what is value of self.tree ?  

self.discImages = findIsoImages(self.isoPath, self.messageWindow), In this function it try to mount ISO from usb stick and path will be something like this "path = sdb1:vfat/images" 

Is this correct path to look at ? "sdb1:vfat/images" 

Thanks for the help

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