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Re: Draft proposal for using full anaconda as the default Fedora download

Hi John,

On Mon, 2011-01-24 at 00:19 +0000, John Reiser wrote:
> > I composed the DVD myself using pungi.  I excluded all the @Languages by
> > commenting them out in the fedora-rawhide.ks, so the result is 2.6GB
> > instead of 3.5GB.  I Fresh Installed the default Graphical Desktop to an
> > existing 16GB partition, reformatted to ext2/3/4.  There were 1207 packages
> > which "df" said occupied 3.4GB on the installed root filesystem.
> Today I built a DVD with no excluded languages: 3.8GB total DVD size,
> 3150 packages.  Graphical Desktop installed the same 1207 packages
> as before: total 3.4GB on ext4, taking the same elapsed time of 22 minutes.

These are really fantastic data points, thanks for doing this. I was
wondering if you could try the live desktop cd too, just as a point of
comparison, on the same hardware? I really hope DVD is as fast...


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