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Re: [PATCH] use pykickstart for loader kickstart processing

> Ack to them all, with the comment that the code that creates C-bindings
> for pykickstart should maybe be part of pykickstart rather than loader.
> That may or may not be possible, but if any of the functions of generic
> enough to warrant a libpykickstart as part of the pykickstart package, I
> think that would be better for maintenance in the future.

Yeah, moving into pykickstart does make a lot of sense.  It's going to
make pykickstart a non-noarch package, and will require me to rework a
lot of those general functions I think.  I wasn't terribly careful with
the API there given that it's all static internal loader stuff I hope to
one day kill anyway.  For moving into pykickstart, real design will be

I'll push this now and then start working on moving into pykickstart
later, probably after FUDCon.

- Chris

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