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RHEL 5 kickstart issue with HP iLO3


I have an issue where installing RHEL 5 using a virtual cd (through
the HP iLO3) is causing anaconda to fail “finding the kickstart file”
on its first attempt. However, on the second attempt it finds the file
and continues on through a non-interactive installation.

The problem seems to be a timing issue where the kickstartFromCD
function within cdinstall.c executes kudzu’s probeDevices() function
prior to the virtual drive being ready. If I put a simple sleep(5) in
the code it works just fine.. (I have attached a patch in case you’d
like to look at it). I don’t know if this solution is optimal, but it
seems to work for me at the moment. If you would like to support new
HP hardware on RHEL 5 this might be an issue you would like to look

NOTE: I have not tried this with RHEL6.

Thanks for any input you may provide,
Dusty Mabe

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