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Patch dump, mostly bootloader-related

Patches 1,2 add a BIOS boot partition to autopart on x86 when booting from gpt. This means no more mystery about whether or not your BIOS can boot from gpt. It lays groundwork for defaulting to gpt on all x86 platforms, which means no more extended/logical partition nonsense.

Patch 3 moves the stage1/stage2 sanity checking into BootLoader.

Patch 5 makes changes around Platform's disklabel type selection stuff so we can recommend the best disklabel type for the specified device.

Patch 7 has us defer to udev/blkid in identifying devices that contain partition tables, which means less guessing.

Patch 8 allows users to create growable md member partitions as long as they are only using them in a RAID0 stripe.

I think the rest are self-explanatory and/or trivial.

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