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Re: Network configuration proposal: gnome-control-center network panel?

On 05/17/2011 12:45 PM, Radek Vykydal wrote:
(see this screenshot for reference:

1) Add single-panel mode option to g-c-c where [All Settings] button is removed,
   making only network configuration accessible.

2) Add device description to g-c-c panel, see there is only 'Wired' and MAC
   address currently.

3) Add window decoration button ([X]) to be able to close the window/app.

4) nm-applet is needed to provide user secrets agent service, though the applet itself will not be exposed anywhere in anaconda UI - it will only provide dialogs for authentication etc.. I couldn't confirm that it works, probably
   due to hitting this bug:

5) Size of the image - something to be explored yet. In my initial tests I added control-center package, nm-applet (negligible), commented out removal of
   some files from ConsoleKit package (required by nm-applet). This made
change of about 7 MB, but there are definitely opportunities to make it better

and one more:

6) [Options] button is sensitive only if the device is active while we
    want to configure also other devices in anaconda.


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