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Re: Anaconda UI rewrite + AutoQA

> > From what I know, we have two kind of anaconda tests inside AutoQA:
> > 1. older rats_install test written by Will Woods and executed James
> > Laska in the past
> > 2. newer anaconda_storage, anaconda_checkbot and compose_tree
> > written
> > by Chris Lumens and James Laska
> > 
> > I am not sure which of those tests provide important feedback to
> > the
> > anaconda team and whether they are being used at all. Can relevant
> > people provide more details about it?
> I'm currently not checking the results of any tests, but I would like
> to.  Can I get emailed on just the results of the anaconda tests?

As of AutoQA 0.7.0, which should be deployed to production next week, all anaconda-related tests (anaconda_storage, anaconda_checkbot and compose_tree) support opt-in email subscription [1]. If you opt-in, you should get an email with results for every such test executed.

If you would like to subscribe some non-FAS account email, like a mailing list, we can hardcode that into the test (but tell me soon).

[1] http://jlaska.wordpress.com/2010/06/01/fedora-package-maintainers-want-test-results/

> I don't have any testing-related questions at the moment, but that's
> largely because I have no idea how to even get started making sure
> this
> UI is easily testable.  If you have any pointers, I'd be happy to
> consider them.  I'm only going to write a new UI once, so we should
> make
> sure it's testable.

I believe we (our you) won't write GUI tests per se. Rather the underlying "engine"/library should be controllable so that we can simulate the installation by calling API instead of "clicking buttons".

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