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Fixing pyblock build and package issues


python-pyblock fails to build on F15 and newer, and this minor issue
has bitten the F15-on-ARM efforts:

Fixed in:

Actually, the version included in F15 is not the latest version.
The latest version is only available in F14 and is marked as fixing
the following bug which seems to have been treated with importance:

However, the fixed version failed to build for F15 in Koji due to the
build issue, leading to F14 updates being newer than F15 (and F16),
and a likely regression on the original issue:

I volunteer to fix this - if someone could merge the pyblock patches
(or just one of them) and do a release, I'm happy to do the packaging
and push it to F15 and F16 updates, closing #709161 and #715663, and
adding a note to #584328. Then we can run the fixed build on ARM.


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