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anaconda spend too long long time to download updates.img file

hi all,

i'm not sure whether i should post this on devel list, but this is the
only place i found. please guide me if there is a more proper place i
can find answer.

ok, here is the problem i met.

i have one RHEL6.1 x86_64 server which severs as PXE server. and i
want to provision another RHEL6.1 compute host. after the compute host
power on, it can successfully get the IP address from DHCP server and
kerner, initrd from tftp server. but when anaconda try to download the
updates.img file, it took too much time (more than 20 minutes). i have
tried to download the updates.img directly using wget command, it's
OK. the files can be downloaded in seconds. so i think the http works

and the wired thing is this doesn't happen always. sometimes, the
anaconda can download very quickly.

following are some logs i pick up from tty

(Alt + F3)
09:45:29,765  INFO       : doing kickstart... setting it up
09:45:34,775  INFO       : wait_for_iface_activation (2274): device
eth0 activated
09:45:34,781  INFO       : trying to mount CD device /dev/sr0 on /mnt/stage2
09:45:34,783  INFO       : drive status is CDS_TRAY_OPEN
09:45:34,784  INFO       : Drive tray reports open when it should be closed
09:45:49,799  INFO       : no stage2= given, assuming
09:45:49,799  INFO       : setting language to en_US.UTF-8
09:45:49,813  INFO       : starting STEP_METHOD
09:45:49,818  INFO       : starting STEP_STAGE2
09:45:49,818  INFO       : URL_STAGE_MAIN: url is
09:45:49,818  INFO       : transferring
... (long time wait)

(Alt + F4)
INFO dhclient: DHCPREQUEST on eth0 to port 67 (xid=0x233777f9)
INFO dhclient: DHCPACK from (xid=0x233777f9)
INFO NetworkManager: <info> (eth0): DHCPv4 state changed bound -> renew
INFO NetworkManager: <info>     address
INFO NetworkManager: <info>     prefix 24(
INFO NetworkManager: <info>     gateway
INFO NetworkManager: <info>     hostname root01
INFO NetworkManager: <info>     nameserver ''
INFO NetworkManager: <info>     nameserver ''
INFO NetworkManager: <info>     domain name 'private.dns.zone'
INFO NetworkManager: <info>  Policy set 'System eth0' (eth0) as
default for IPv4 routing and DNS
INFO dhclient : bound to -- renew in 1092 seconds

by the way, the same system works very well on RHEL5.5. i never
encounter such problem.

any suggestion will be greatly appreciated!

Chunyang Liu

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