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port of iscsi patches for rhel 6.3 to rhel 7 alpha2 (#831470)

Fixes for rhel7 bug #831470 are on top of quite a lot of changes
of iscsi code in anaconda and probably most safe is to pull them
in (from 6.3) too.

Most of the patches was approved by bcl for F17, but
I didn't push them because there were enough other stuff to
break F17.

I tested it locally, waiting for test with updates.img

The fix has still issues on some hw in rhel 6.3 but they will be
adressed soon. I'll not rush with pushing the patchset.
It is just ready if the bz (#831470) is really so important
(it is marked as urgent TestBlocker).

The only one patch from 6.3 which is not applied is

commit 3a59a1a44febe4c9ff9aa2064c73c44d63b34254
Author: Radek Vykydal <rvykydal redhat com>
Date:   Wed Mar 7 13:55:01 2012 +0100

    iscsi: add interface binding support to kickstart (#500273)
    Resolves: rhbz#500273
    All devices must be either bonded (using --iface option) or using

because I am not sure how to update pykickstart for r7 alpha,
or do you think it is worth pulling it in too?


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