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Re: Newui Anaconda as system-config-kickstart

> 1)
> Thinking about the newui Anaconda used as system-config-kickstart or
> disk image installer, one simple question (probably with no simple
> answer) came to my mind -- Do we need to run Anaconda as root in these
> cases? Or could we, at least, lower the privileges when we don't need
> them? I believe this could help us debug the unintentional modifications
> of the system and maybe, in some cases, actually fix it.

Yes, we're going to want to run a newui-based s-c-ks as not root.  This
is probably going to be difficult, but we are likely to have to make
newui run as non-root anyway for using it as a management front end.

I'm not going to worry with this until after F18.

> 2)
> What if the user wants to use the newui Anaconda as a
> system-config-kickstart running for example Fedora 16 to make a
> kickstart for Fedora 18? We want such user to choose from the list of
> available layouts, but the lists of layouts for Fedora 16 and Fedora 18
> differ. And I believe there are many such problems, not only with this
> one with the layouts configuration.
> So, should we create a separate package with a simple shell script
> (running Anaconda) and a bunch of various data that would allow Anaconda
> provide options depending on the target system rather than on the system
> Anaconda is running on?

s-c-ks hasn't supported writing out kickstarts for other versions since
at least as far back as I made it use yum, perhaps even farther back
than that.  So I'm not concerned about this for a newui-based s-c-ks.

- Chris

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