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Re: [newui] Stacking windows of processes run by anaconda (e.g. nm-c-e)

> Fatal Python error: PyEval_SaveThread: NULL tstate

I've never seen this before.

> Any ideas, comments, hints?
> Can we hide the hub (perhaps there is finer way to do it, i.e. in callback after spoke is realized...)?
> Or perhaps we could try to tame our window manager somehow?

I've been trying to think of a good idea all this week, but I haven't
come up with anything yet.

We could certainly hide the hub if it'll make things easier.  I've
noticed the flashing too, but I've noticed that in several other places
and don't really have a good idea how to go about fixing it.  So I would
be willing to go with that approach here too.

Honestly, I have always thought that leaving the hub hidden below was
kind of gross.

For the window manager, we've already disabled alt-tab with a patch to
lorax so that might help a little bit here.

I'll take a look at your third patch in more detail.

- Chris

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