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RE: Adding hardware support

It is not a part of the kernel in CentOS 5.6. 


Okay, (I think) one way to do it is manually to add the jme.ko file from kmod-jme to the modules.cgz file inside the initrd file that anaconda builds (and sort out the pci.ids and other data files).  Is there a way to get the buildinstall script to do that automatically?  Would any modifications to upd-instroot help?


I’m testing release builds at the moment, so my build system is producing rather a lot of .iso images.  Every time I get an installer .iso file, I don’t want to manually have to take it apart again, open the initrd, open the modules.cgz, add the driver, rebuild modules.cgz, rebuild initrd and rebuild the .iso. 




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From: Vijay N. Majagaonkar [mailto:vijay majagaonkar gmail com]
Sent: 01 March 2012 19:13

If this is kernel module, than is it should be part of kernel?



On Thu, Mar 1, 2012 at 9:34 AM, Moray Henderson <Moray Henderson ict-software org> wrote:

I can add support for a JMicron(R) JMC250 PCI-E Ethernet Adapter easily
enough to CentOS 5.6 by installing the kmod-jme rpm from ElRepo.org, but
what's the best way of adding that driver to the install/rescue environment
of Anaconda?

"To err is human; to purr, feline."

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