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Re: [PATCH 1/2] Add TimezoneMap widget to AnacondaWidgets

> > Do you even need these if you don't have any properties?
> I think they are good placeholders. Should I remove them?

I don't use placeholders elsewhere in the widgets code, but I don't
really feel strongly one way or another.  My concern is that it might be
a little confusing.

> > > +#ifndef DATADIR
> > > +#define DATADIR "/usr/share/anaconda/tzmapdata/"
> > > +#endif
> > 
> > I think this should come out of config.h, or some other programmatic
> > method.  Otherwise, you're going to have a disconnect between the code
> > and whatever happens during an RPM build.
> I've made some attempts to solve this, but none was successful. If I add
> AC_DEFINE to widgets/configure.ac I have this value in config.h. But
> then it is not in widgets/data/tzmapdata/Makefile.am where it is also
> needed. Moreover it should use $(datadir) which cannot be used in
> configure.ac. So how to resolve this?

Could you pass it as a CFLAGS via
-DDATADIR=/usr/share/anaconda/tzmapdata, for instance?  You might be
able to assemble the path using $(datadir) there.

> > There's something very bizarre about this.
> Should I remove this? I think it's nice example of how OSS work.

No, I'm just amazed to see how things go around in circles.

- Chris

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