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Re: [newui] TimezoneMap widget and DatetimeSpoke glade file

On Wed, 2012-03-28 at 10:55 -0400, Chris Lumens wrote:
> > These patches (re)introduce the TimezoneMap widget, which is a port of the timezone-map from the
> > gnome-control-center, and the initial glade file for the DatetimeSpoke. When run, the DatetimeSpoke glade file
> > looks like this -- http://vpodzime.fedorapeople.org/DatetimeSpokeUI.png
> > Once these patches are approved and pushed, I'll start to work on the spoke itself.
> On the image there, can you add some padding above and below the map so
> the other widgets aren't crammed right up against it?  I would think six
> should be enough.  We try to use multiples of six throughout.
No problem, I will add it.

> Also, what are the three widgets on the bottom right?
Those are the comboboxes for month, day and year. [1]


Vratislav Podzimek

Anaconda Rider | Red Hat, Inc. | Brno - Czech Republic

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