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Re: Minimum and recommended system requirements for Fedora

On Sat, Mar 30, 2013 at 2:46 PM, Al Dunsmuir <al dunsmuir sympatico ca> wrote:

I would suggest that the KVM folks would view your suggested baseline
with a very real sense of outrage.

As  a  Fedora  user  with  a  mix  of  older  hardware  and  new, I am
uncomfortable  with a casual approach to either minimum or recommended
resource values.

For  real hardware, it  is  important that Fedora be successfully able
to  install in older hardware running a previous Fedora release.  This
ensures that folks are able to continue to run Fedora, but in a secure
and supported manner.  Overstating the installation requirements tends
to discourage folks from upgrading (so they run insecure code), or can
force them to move to a different distribution for _NO_GOOD_REASON_.
It  has  the secondary effect that little or no effort is made (at the
development or test stages) to ensure that the install runs with minimal
resources.   Assuming  too  high a resource requirement becomes a self
fulfilling problem.

For   virtual   machines,  there  has   been   much  discussion in the
main development list over the last year regarding working towards an
absolute  minimalist  installation and runtime  requirement.  For the
case where many virtual instances are required to coexist on the same
host, small differences make enormous differences in the final totals.

I   would  strongly  advise against an overly simplistic approach.  In
the end, it benefits no one.  Bring the development community into the
discussion,  and  come  up  with  reasonable  classes of systems to be
installed  and  operated  as  well  as realistic final values for each

Anaconda  development  should  have  the  ability  (and  resources) to
perform instrumented installations to measure and really understand what
factors  contribute  to  the overall resource requirements.  This will
help  with  a  goal  of  reducing (or at absolute minimum stabilizing)
these resource requirements.



You make a good point here, Al. Fedora can be used in a lot of different ways, and a single set of requirements isn't very revealing. The 'recommended' figures I threw out were for the default package set - A Gnome desktop - and I suppose 'minimum' system requirements could be the requirements for @minimum. We can break it down further.

I'll pose the question on the devel list as well, and see what kind of roles the community feels we should represent.


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