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Re: Transcription and translation from DevConf usability tests

Hi Filip!

On 04/03/2013 11:09 AM, Filip Kosík wrote:
> I have just finished transcription and translation of records of three other
> testers (two novice/intermediate users Jan Bezdicek and Pavel Zapletal, one
> professional system administrator David Tuska) from DevConf. I am going to
> check it one more time and I am going to send them today.

Awesome, thank you *so much*.
> I sent some transcription and translation few days ago. Did you use it? Is
> there anything you would like me to change or supplement something?

Yep, I've been going through it and taking notes of things we should fix
to add to our worklist. It is very helpful, thank you!
> There remain records from three other DevConf testers but they spoke in
> English. Have you  transcribe any of them? I would like to ask for help because
> there is hardly enough time left for my thesis and transcription is quite
> unimportant for my work. I can transcribe the parts when somebody spoke in
> Czech (for example when Hroncok commented his questionnaire etc.). Is it all
> right? 

No, I haven't had a chance yet (we did another test here in Boston so
I've been working on those) but I will work on these and you don't need
to worry about them.

> There was the internal round of tests in Red Hat. I am not going to transcribe
> it but I would like to use it to improve my analysis of usability (it's quite
> essential part of my thesis) and I will send you some report from that. And if
> there is something specific (compared to DevConf tests) I will  transcribe and
> translate it. Does it make sense? 

That sounds great!

Thank you so much!!!!


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