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Making room for the layout indicator


So vpodzime put together an awesome layout indicator for anaconda:


One problem though is with the red preproduction/test text in the upper
right, there isn't much space for it. So we talked about making the
header taller to accommodate it in IRC this morning. While I think we
should the header a bit taller, after experimenting with mockups the
layout looks a bit unbalanced if I make the header tall enough to
include the layout switcher without any other changes. (For example, the
vertical alignment of the screen title and done button on the left hand
side looks a bit weird when the right side has the three vertical items.)

So this is my proposal to fit the indicator in the header:


This involves three changes:

- Changing the font size of the 'development/testing' string to be 8 or 9pt

- Increasing the height of the header to be 84 pixels tall (it was 78
pixels tall before)

- Swapping out the pixbuf from the current one to this one (which is 84
px tall):

Does this make sense?


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