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Re: Transcription and translation from DevConf usability tests

Máirín Duffy <duffy redhat com> wrote on Wed, 03 Apr 2013 11:14:48 -0400:
> Hi Filip!1
> On 04/03/2013 11:09 AM, Filip Kosík wrote:
> > I have just finished transcription and translation of records of three other
> > testers (two novice/intermediate users Jan Bezdicek and Pavel Zapletal, one
> > professional system administrator David Tuska) from DevConf. I am going to
> > check it one more time and I am going to send them today.
> Awesome, thank you *so much*.

You can find the subtitles (my transcription and translation) as I

> > 
> > I sent some transcription and translation few days ago. Did you use it? Is
> > there anything you would like me to change or supplement something?
> Yep, I've been going through it and taking notes of things we should fix
> to add to our worklist. It is very helpful, thank you!
> > 
> > There remain records from three other DevConf testers but they spoke in
> > English. Have you  transcribe any of them? I would like to ask for help because
> > there is hardly enough time left for my thesis and transcription is quite
> > unimportant for my work. I can transcribe the parts when somebody spoke in
> > Czech (for example when Hroncok commented his questionnaire etc.). Is it all
> > right? 
> No, I haven't had a chance yet (we did another test here in Boston so
> I've been working on those) but I will work on these and you don't need
> to worry about them.
> > There was the internal round of tests in Red Hat. I am not going to
> transcribe
> > it but I would like to use it to improve my analysis of usability (it's quite
> > essential part of my thesis) and I will send you some report from that. And if
> > there is something specific (compared to DevConf tests) I will  transcribe and
> > translate it. Does it make sense? 
> That sounds great!
> Thank you so much!!!!
> ~m

S pozdravem
Filip Kosík

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