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Kickstart in Fedora 19 TC4

This is just for your information as I am certain you are working
furiously. I did some testing building a Fedora 19 guest VM on a Fedora
18 host machine Here is the kickstart script I used:

authconfig --enableshadow --passalgo=sha512
autopart   --type=lvm
bootloader --boot-drive=vda --location=mbr
clearpart  --all --drives=vda --initlabel
firstboot  --disable
ignoredisk --only-use=vda
keyboard   --vckeymap=us --xlayouts=us
lang         en_US.UTF-8
network    --bootproto=dhcp --device=eth0 --hostname=fedora19.hunter.org
--nameserver= --noipv6 --activate
rootpw     --iscrypted $6$82gtiKgE7AvH./ic
timezone     America/Chicago --isUtc
user       --name=local --gecos="Local Administrator" --password=$6
$Cxa598KQzrJ94M2aYzdV0ifOUcLYqbAh0RNvsmiC2hkdX/Xald.EVVNf/MmD4mTeeojBNPBNcY7XcBfgMoSqq/ --iscrypted
xconfig    --startxonboot


I found a few things you might want to add to your list:
1) I am always prompted for an install destination to confirm the disk
layout even though autopart and clearpart are specified that save as in
anaconda-ks.cfg after a manual build.

2) The setup agent always runs even though firstboot is disabled and the
equivalent information is provided in the keyboard, lang, timezone and
user statements.

3) The --nameserver is entered correctly into ifcfg-eth0 but it is not
enabled. When I examine the configuration with Network Manager, in the
DNS section on the IPV4 screen, I must set automatic to off to enable
the name server specified by kickstart.

4) Text mode must be specified with kickstart as the graphic mode fails.
Graphic mode works fine without kickstart.

Thank you for all your efforts and I hope this is helpful.

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