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Installing image payloads


as mentioned in my earlier email I'm working on oVirt Node.

One special thing about Node is that we deploy an image, forming the
rootfs, and not packages which then form the rootfs.

Currently we have our own installer carrying all the necessary bits to
do this.

I now wonder if we could probably add some features to anaconda to
deploy an image, instead of packages.

The basic idea is that the rootfs is rolled out (as in dd'ed) using an
existing image, and not yum (or the other file based solutions).

Note: Important to note here is that the image should be copied/dd'ed as
is, not file-wise copied into a new FS (liek it's happening with the
liveimg payload IIUIC).

The idea is to roll out the image into a LV, then create a write-able
snapshot or thin volume and use that as the rootfs.

Form that point on there shouldn't be a to big difference between a file
based deployment and the image based one.
Ok - Granted. There will surely be some more details which need to be
addressed, e.g. the bootloader.

Any thoughts on this and can someone maybe tell if this is doable with


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