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Re: Installing image payloads

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> From: "Fabian Deutsch" <fabiand redhat com>
> To: anaconda-devel-list redhat com
> Sent: Wednesday, April 9, 2014 11:05:28 AM
> Subject: Installing image payloads
> Hey,
> as mentioned in my earlier email I'm working on oVirt Node.
> One special thing about Node is that we deploy an image, forming the
> rootfs, and not packages which then form the rootfs.
> Currently we have our own installer carrying all the necessary bits to
> do this.
> I now wonder if we could probably add some features to anaconda to
> deploy an image, instead of packages.

Support for this already exists. All you have to do is create a new class
based on pyanaconda.packaging.ImagePayload. See the classes in livepayload.py
for examples.

> The basic idea is that the rootfs is rolled out (as in dd'ed) using an
> existing image, and not yum (or the other file based solutions).
> Note: Important to note here is that the image should be copied/dd'ed as
> is, not file-wise copied into a new FS (liek it's happening with the
> liveimg payload IIUIC).

This may introduce limitations on the possible storage layouts, which is
the main reason we switched from copying the image ala dd to using rsync.

> The idea is to roll out the image into a LV, then create a write-able
> snapshot or thin volume and use that as the rootfs.
> Form that point on there shouldn't be a to big difference between a file
> based deployment and the image based one.
> Ok - Granted. There will surely be some more details which need to be
> addressed, e.g. the bootloader.
> Any thoughts on this and can someone maybe tell if this is doable with
> anaconda?

It is definitely doable. You will have to write your own Payload class and
you may have to do some hacking to pull off the snapshot bit you described.

> Thanks
> fabian
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