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udevadm settle hang on rawhide

I was hitting a hang when doing ostree installs which the ever awesome Brian Lane tracked down to be generic hangs with any kickstart installation relating to udev.

The problem is udevadm settle vs network namespaces. A variety of systemd services now use PrivateNetwork= which ends up creating a new network namespace, and that "eats" udev events from the perspective of the system udev.

This means that udev will hang waiting for a sequence number it won't see.

I talked to Kay about this and he bumped it up on his priority list, he says it's obviously a systemd bug since they're both in the same codebase now. In the meantime we may need to figure out a workaround.

1) Postprocess all systemd units in lorax and remove PrivateNetwork= (I think this might work)
2) Replace "udev_settle()" calls in blivet with "sleep 1m" or something
3) Investigate a better API than udev settle; it seems to me we could more intelligently wait for just storage for example.

Any other ideas?

But yeah, just a generic heads up that kickstart installation with rawhide seems to trigger this reliably.

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