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btrfs install over an existing rootfs

Not all directory trees are created equal and anaconda requires that the directory tree (partition) for the rootfs (that is "/") must be either new or reformatted. This works for regular partitions and the LVMLVs. However, there is no real concept of "reformatting" an existing btrfs subvolume.

This applies to kickstart only as the regular gui/text installers handle the situation already.

Proposal: Add code to implement a new feature for btrfs subvolumes which will implement the equivalent of reformatting. This equivalent will consist of deleting the subvolume and then recreating it.

As I originally implemented this I added a new operand to the btrfs command for a subvolume: --reclaim
[This involves a small patch to pykickstart]

While I considered using and existing operand in some fashion, I believe that the "safe" approach is to require the user to specify this new operand is the intent is to reclaim the subvolume's name and then reuse it.



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