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Re: About sshd(8) remote root login feature & Anaconda UI support

> On Saturday, 17 January 2015 9:17 AM, P J P wrote:
>> On Friday, 16 January 2015 1:42 PM, David Shea wrote:
>> How would the key be delivered in this case? The kickstart command just
>> takes the key as a string, and obviously expecting the user to type in a
>> ssh key isn't going to work. Read from storage? Download from a URL?
> For now, first we need a provision so that users are not locked out of their
> freshly installed systems. Ie. enable remote root
> access('PermitRootLogin=Yes') if no non-root account is created OR let
> user make the choice.
> Yesterday I installed F21 on my machine. In that, while creating a non-root
> account, Anaconda shows a CheckBox with caption about '..use password
> authentication...', maybe similar one could be added to the window for
> setting 'root' password. Only in that we prompt user if they wish to
> 'enable' remote root access via ssh(8). This CheckBox must be disabled
> by default.
> Does that sound okay?

@David...? @Brian..?

The feature has been deferred to F23 citing insufficient support in installer UI.
If we are to take a step towards non-password based authentication and safer defaults,
we need to find a solution for this glitch. Your inputs would be valuable in that.


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