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How does anaconda handle the biosboot partition ?

Hi guys,
RHEL QE has been doing some testing using customized partitioning in our kickstart and we've always explicitly defined the use of a biosboot partition if RHEL >= 7. I don't recall seeing any problems related to the biosboot partition.

Now Dan Callaghan from  Beaker devel has a question related to this:

Alexander Todorov mentioned that his team unconditionally defines the biosboot partition on RHELs which support it, and that works (even on BIOS systems with disks <2TB). Need to investigate further. Is Anaconda ignoring the defined biosboot partition when it's not applicable (MBR)? If so can Beaker also just unconditionally define it on distros that support it?

(In reply to Dan Callaghan from comment #14)

Or another possibility... the presence of the biosboot partition triggers Anaconda to use GPT where it would otherwise have used MBR (in which case, adding it unconditionally would be bad, since it has an unintended influence on the test scenario)...

Can you provide more insight into this? It may be the difference between one line or a thousand lines patch for Beaker.


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