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Re: Anaconda static network setup in RHEL6

On 08/21/2015 04:47 PM, Lukas Zapletal wrote:

I am trying to boot RHEL 6.x Anaconda on a system with multiple NICs. I
don't know how they will be initialized, therefore I have no idea what
ends up with eth0 and eth1 etc. But I know MAC address of the card I
want to provision with (download the kickstart) and I have IPv4

Now, the documentation is a little bit fuzzy here. I was digging in the
Anaconda codebase. But no luck:


Anaconda never configures me the proper device and always keep asking
to do manual network configuration. What is the trick here?

These are the variations I tried:

ks=http://myhost/my_kickstart.ks kssendmac ip=
gateway= dns= ksdevice=52:54:00:11:86:41

Hm, this one should work on RHEL6.

Is there any network configuration in your kickstart?
Can you post /tmp/anaconda.log and /tmp/syslog from installer environment?


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