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Re: Installer support for flatpak

On Tue, 2018-04-17 at 11:32 +0000, Matthias Clasen wrote:

I would like to discuss flatpak support for anaconda.

The issue comes up in the context of Atomic Workstation and
rpm-ostree. Currently, the OS image contains a bunch of
preinstalled desktop applications (as rpms). It would make a
lot more sense to move to installing all desktop applications
as flatpaks, so they are independent from the OS.

For preinstalled apps, that means anaconda may have to learn
a bit about flatpak. We are aiming to have flatpaks built in Fedora
infrastructure well before F29, and that would be the time when
we can consider preinstalling them.

When I talked to Colin about this before, he suggested
a few steps for this:

1) Make the flatpak command work in %post
2) Add a flatpak repository to the iso
Sounds like good first steps! :)

Just a question what is the expected workflow ?

That Anaconda on the Atomic Workstation image always installs some
flatpacks from the repo on the ISO and the flatpacks to install are specified
as a static list.

Or should the user also be able to decide which flatapacks
will be installed (eq. via a kickstart command as Jirka proposed
or via the UI) ?

Is there anything else that is needed ?

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