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Re: Discussion: what would not blocking on btrfs look like?

On Tue, Aug 27, 2019 at 12:00 PM Chris Murphy <lists colorremedies com> wrote:

> The Fedora working group's technical specification states Btrfs is to
> be the default. Yet the working group has said it's uncomfortable
> taking action on this decision expressly because the Federal kernel
> team's official recommendation is to not recommend Btrfs. And I agree.

Points of clarity:

- it is the Workstation working group's technical spec that says this
(the Server working group decided on XFS)

- I agree with Workstation working group's reticence to actually
deploy Btrfs as the default file system, while the Fedora kernel team
recommends against Btrfs as the default. And I would like someone on
the Fedora kernel team who will recommend and support it.

Chris Murphy

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