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HPT370 Debian

I've been able to perform this procedure just fine with Software RAID0,
however when I go to the HPT370 configured hardware/software RAID0, I am
having problems.

I have installed Debian 2.2 (upgraded to Sid) on an old harddrive (had, hda2
actually) and then configured a 2.4.8-ac5 kernel to use the HPT370 RAID0
controller support (hptraid).  First I was about ready to give up on
hardware raid support, and went back to my old software raid configuration,
copied files over to the new md devices (partitions) and created hda5 to be
my /boot so the system would come up.  That worked fine... But then I
discovered the MAKEDEV script that creates /dev/ataraid/* and therefore
decided to go back to this to see if I could get it to work this time.
Well, I partitioned /dev/ataraid/d0 fine and copied files over to ./d0p2 and
everything seemed fine... I made /dev/hda5 my boot as well so lilo could
start up the system and of course altered my /etc/fstab to the new devices
for my root.  I rebooted, fully expecting this to be as successful as my
software raid0 configuration,  but the system booted to /dev/hda2 instead of
/dev/ataraid/d0p2...  Now, I thought, there must be something wrong with my
configuration, so I checked it out, but `df` showed that /dev/ataraid0/d0p2
was mounted as '/' BUT it had the size of /dev/hda2 reported for its size
and space free!!!  So my system seems to think it's using root device of
/dev/ataraid/d0p2, but it is actually /dev/hda2.

What is happening here?  I am made to believe this must be some sort of bug,
but have no idea where to go with this now.

PLEASE e-mail me directly at this e-mail address, as I have not yet
subscribed to this list.

Thanks very much.

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