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Re: Promise Fasttrack s150 TX4 raid issues

On Sun, 2003-08-10 at 14:57, Jim Perrin wrote:
> I recently purchased the Promise Fasttrack s150 TX4 because it was one of 
> the cheaper cards that boasted linux support. I'me becoming a bit irritated 
> with it though as it does not list any actual device in /dev/rd/* that I 
> can see. Has anyone succesfully set this card up with raid? I can access 
> the individual drives using /dev/sda etc, but what do I use to access the 
> raid array? Below is output from /proc in case it's needed.
> Any help would be immensely welcome.

You need to define the raid in the bios of the card and build it there.
After that you should see the raid as a single scsi drive. This is, if
you are using the binary drivers provided by Promise. If you use the 
Open source drivers you should make devices in the /dev/ataraid
subdirectory and your raid should appear as /dev/atatraid/d0p1 etc.

For more info see the various howto documents on the web.



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