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Re: RedHat & VIA SATA


I own the same board and from what I found out you have the following options:

The via driver disc for RH7.2(also suports the raid function):

see this posting:
I was able to do this on my Debian/SID system with kernel 2.4.22-ac1 although I was not able to test it because I have not obtained the PATA/SATA konverter (I want to use it as an extra ata channel and do not have any sata discs at the moment)...it is initialized correctly though. please note the i had to do the patching by hand since the file has changed since then...I droped the controller that was on this place in the enummeration....
Note that with that solution you will have to modify your install boot disc and then see it as an ide drive...

I hope that helps

Albert Dengg

On Tue, 09 Sep 2003 12:15:54 +0300
Alon Weinstein <alon sreu com> wrote:

> Hello everyone.
> I just purchased an ASUS A7V600 motherboard based on VIA KT600, and am 
> struggling to get a working system with an SATA hard-drive on it.
> I'm wondering if by any chance anyone on the list has had any lucks 
> making a RedHat installation (preferably RH9) working with the on-board 
> VIA SATA (RAID) controller (not in RAID mode; just a single 80GB SATA 
> drive).
> Alon.
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Albert Dengg <a_d gmx at>

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