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Re: [augeas-devel] Help with cobbler lens

Ok.. got it to parse. I needed to make my own indention lens which made indentition required. The type checking error page was helpful.

Now.. it looks like it is unable to parse the kw items. If you parse the lens at


You get errors like

[bkearney localhost ~]$ augparse cobblersettings.aug
Test run encountered exception:
cobblersettings.aug:63.6-.40:exception: Iterated lens matched less than it should
    Lens: cobblersettings.aug:60.11-.58
    Error encountered here (0 characters into string)
                               <|=|Simple_Setting: Value\n>

    Tree generated so far:


Which I think means it is trying to parse "Simple_setting: Value" into the value of a tree.. and that there is no key. However, I have to assume this is mapping to line 50 with the branch in 51.. which clearly has a key setting. Is this the correct interpretation of the error message?

-- bk

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