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Re: [augeas-devel] Simple pyGTK Augeas viewer

On Sun, 2009-03-08 at 20:30 -0700, David Lutterkort wrote:
> On Sat, 2009-03-07 at 12:33 -0500, David Malcolm wrote:
> > I was playing around with the python augeas bindings.
> > 
> > Attached is a simple pygtk app that lets you browse the full Augeas
> > tree, in a two column Path/Value treeview.
> Nice :) Unfortunately, this segfaults for me on an F10 machine somewhere
> in _ctypes.so while its callin free(). Not sure what that is - an error
> in the bindings ?

Not sure.  For reference, it's working for me with these rpms:

> > It's very simplistic: it gathers data from the full tree on startup,
> > rather than trying to do it on demand, so it takes a few seconds to
> > start on my laptop.
> It would  be really nice to build this out more, e.g. only query as much
> of the tree as needed, make values editable etc. Even just as a viewer
> it would be really helpful in letting people understand more clearly
> what the tree for a given file looks like.

I had a go at looking up the text file and showing that in the UI.
Potentially could show diffs as well.

Is there any way to get at the precise region of the file corresponding
to a given node?  e.g. for "syntax" highlighting.

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