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Re: [augeas-devel] puppet provder not executing

On Sun, 2009-03-22 at 22:43 -0400, Micah Anderson wrote:
> Do I need to somehow first create the file? I tried adding a "ins
> sympa before /files/etc/logrotate.d/*[1]" to the augeas line, which
> results in the following debug difference:
> debug: Augeas[logrotate_sympa](provider=augeas): sending
> command 'ins' with params ["sympa", "before", 
> "/files/etc/logrotate.d/sympa/rule/files/etc/logrotate.d/*[1]"]

Something is wrong there - there's one/files/etc/logrotate.d too many in
that path.

> but no file created...
> I'm probably missing something obvious here?

Nothing obvious; a few things you can try: 

(1) Is the provider able to make simple changes to existing files (like
add an alias for localhost in /etc/hosts ?

(2) make sure that /etc/logrotate.d exists and is writable. Augeas will
_not_ create missing directories, but it should create new files without
problems, assuming the user that is running Augeas is allowed to create
the file - watch out for SELinux. For puppet, the effective user is 

(3) Try the equivalent of your Augeas resource in augtool (you can write
autool commands into a file and then run them with 'augtool <
commands.txt', I recommend doing that in a fake root in which you copy
the relevant files from /etc - use the -r option for augtool to point it
to that fake root. That should tell us if the problem is with the
provider or Augeas itself.


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