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Re: [augeas-devel] Towards a stable interface for libfa

Hi David,

> I would love to, but don't have any good ideas how.

I think the idea would be to have the library work over an alphabet
ASCII + {\256,\257}.

> I _think_ that the precondition is overly cautious - Anders doesn't have anything similar
> in his implementation (he uses \u0000 and \u0001 as the markers)

Hmm. I *think* the opposite -- i.e, that there are unambiguously
concatenable languages that the fa_ambig_example returns a string for.
But strings containing the marker \000\001 are rare, so these probably
don't come up very often in examples (and since this is only used for
static type checking, the consequences wouldn't be grave--the system
would just reject a lens program it could safely accept.)

I was just curious. I would love to jettison my clunky FA library and
use yours via an OCaml <-> C foreign function interface :-)


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