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[augeas-devel] Lens similar to rsync.conf



I need to make an adapter for a config file that’s almost identical to rsync but sections are expressed differently:


Toplevelrecord = val

Section/record = val2



Scanning the man page, rsync doesn’t seem to do subsections, but otherwise the equivalent rsync could be:





Toplevelrecord = val


record = val2




I tried to start by matching the regex like so:

[A-Za-z0-9 _.-\/]


But I get:

lenses/localconf.aug:33.0-38.24:Failed to compile entry

lenses/localconf.aug:34.17-.23:exception: The key regexp /[A-Za-z0-9_.-][A-Za-z0-9 _.-\/]*[A-Za-z0-9_.-]/ matches a '/'


lenses/tests/test_localconf.aug:26.6-.19:Could not load module LocalConf for LocalConf.lns

lenses/tests/test_localconf.aug:26.6-.19:Undefined variable LocalConf.lns

lenses/tests/test_localconf.aug: error: Loading failed



For clarifications:

@@ -25,43 +24,35 @@



  *                        ENTRY

 * rsyncd.conf allows indented entries, but by default entries outside

  * sections are unindented


-let entry_re   = /[A-Za-z0-9_.-][A-Za-z0-9 _.-]*[A-Za-z0-9_.-]/

+let entry_re   = /[A-Za-z0-9_.-][A-Za-z0-9 _.-\/]*[A-Za-z0-9_.-]/


Any suggestions?





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