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Re: [augeas-devel] httpd.conf and beyond

> This series of patches adds support for context-free lenses, which
> means that Augeas can now process funky stuff like the Apache config.

Just wondering: would it make sense to have a lens which could edit
well-formed XML ? Many config files are in XML nowdays, and it would be
convenient to be able to use augeas to manage every config file on the
system, not only the non-xml ones.

> The last patch in the series has a (not quite complete) lens for
> httpd.conf

Wow, this will be super useful ! I'm looking forward to try it out.

> - I'd appreciate any help on getting the lens into shape. The two main
> things that need to change about the Apache lens are (1) make sure we
> cover all directives and (2) make sure the directives it knows about
> wind up in a tree structure that is useful.

A problem I see is that older Apache versions have other/fewer
directives, Another is that 3rd party modules usually add more
directives to the available ones.

An idea how this could be handled ? Should we expect a "mod_security"
lens which extends httpd.aug, for example ? 


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