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Re: [augeas-devel] Problem with fai_diskconfig

On Thu, Sep 1, 2011 at 4:16 AM, Francis Giraldeau <francis giraldeau gmail com> wrote:
Here is a little bug that ocured recently:

glob_for_lens                  ... FAIL
 Match: /augeas/load/*[ '/etc/hosts/1/ipaddr' =~ glob(incl) +
regexp('/.*') ]/lens
 Expected: 1 entries
   /augeas/load/Hosts/lens = @Hosts
 Actual: 2 entries
   /augeas/load/Hosts/lens = @Hosts
   /augeas/load/FAI_DiskConfig/lens = @FAI_DiskConfig

It seems the fai_diskconfig lens is matching more than it should? I
tried to figure where this file is located to add explicit incl that
would solve the issue, but I can't find the standard path. As a
temporary fix, I commented the transform. It means the lens needs to be
loaded manually for a specific file. Can we do a better fix?

That will be my fault. I added a transform to this lens but only put Util.stdexcl as a filter, the idea being that it would autoload even though it doesn't have any incl nodes by default. I didn't see a problem with that when I tested with augparse, but you can definitely remove the autoload statement from this lens if it breaks the tests. Sorry for that.


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