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Re: [augeas-devel] Associating lenses with files in other locations

On 21/09/11 20:46, Jo Rhett wrote:
> I'm using augeas 0.9.0 on CentOS 5.6. Printing and making changes to
> files in their normal locations works just fine.
> I have a need to test/evaluate the editing of files in non-standard
> locations.  From reading the documentation and various online sources
> I've found several ways that should work, but none of which work as I
> (mis)understood them. Please clue me over the head, please ;-)
> First was to create a fake root:
> $ mkdir -p augroot/etc
> $ cp /etc/fstab /etc/my.cnf /etc/hosts augroot/etc/
> $ augtool --root=aigret

Typo?  If the root doesn't exist, it doesn't seem to throw an error, but
you get no output as you found.

> augtool> print /files/etc/stab

Typo again?

> augtool> print /files/etc/hosts
> augtool> print /files/etc/my.cnf
> augtool>
> The above shows no response == unparsed file. This doesn't appear to
> work.  The modules are available in /augeas/load but no files of any
> type that I put here are parsed.

This and the other methods should work - and without typos, the above
works perfectly for me on 0.9.0 on Fedora 15.

Try running "print /augeas//error" and check to see if there's any
output referring to your files.

Dominic Cleal
Red Hat Consulting
m: +44 (0)7817 878113

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