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Re: [augeas-devel] Query

On 06/02/12 15:27, Patil, Chandrajen wrote:
> I am trying to install RHQ, but it fails due to some missing augeas lenses.
> Can not find lens Sudoers.lns
> Can not find lens CobblerSettings.lns
> Can not find lens Samba.lns
> and so on....
> I need to download rpm’s for RHEL 5 however I am unable to download the
> same from Augeas site. Could you please point mw to an alternate
> download link?

RPMs are published via EPEL (part of Fedora) for RHEL5:

The above link gives instructions to configure the EPEL repository.
Alternatively, the packages themselves:

For RHEL6, Augeas is included in both the base and the optional channels
(so is supported).


Dominic Cleal
Red Hat Consulting
m: +44 (0)7817 878113

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