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Re: [augeas-devel] [Augeas] #255: augtool error output

#255: augtool error output
  Reporter:  swills  |      Owner:  lutter
      Type:  defect  |     Status:  new
  Priority:  major   |  Milestone:  next
 Component:  Augeas  |    Version:  0.10.0
Resolution:          |   Keywords:
Blocked By:          |   Blocking:

Comment (by swills):

 Thanks for the quick reply and the fixes.

 BTW, /etc/master.passwd is where the passwords are really stored. See the
 pwd_mkdb(8) man page:


 As far as exports, it is a very different format. A separate lens would be
 fine. I can try to take a look at that if it would help.

 The /etc/host.conf file is generated at boot time based on nsswitch.conf,
 so perhaps it should just be skipped?

 For rc.conf, it comes from here:


 Since rc.conf is just shell which is sourced by other scripts (".
 /etc/rc.conf"), it can contain any valid shell syntax, so making things
 100% for it may be difficult.

Ticket URL: <https://fedorahosted.org/augeas/ticket/255#comment:3>
Augeas <http://augeas.net/>
a configuration API

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