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[augeas-devel] Squid (and squid-deb-proxy) lens


I've recently set up a package called "squid-deb-proxy" on Ubuntu. This is essentially a Squid instance pre-configured to cache Debian .deb files. In doing so, 2 things came up:

1) The default Squid lens doesn't know about the squid-deb-proxy conf file (which is a Squid conf file in a non-standard location)
2) The cache_access_log setting was missing

I made a whole new lens file to deal with this, but I suspect that a better approach would be to add the cache_access_log setting to the regular Squid lens, and also make the lens understands the location of the squid-deb-proxy conf file.

Attached is a diff between the Squid lens in trunk (commit 8012a34a) and my custom lens. As you can, all I've done is added the new setting and changed the path to the conf file. Since I'm not sure how to make a lens understand multiple locations for conf files, I haven't submitted a patch.



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