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[augeas-devel] var_action with multiple variables in shellvars.aug


In shellvars.aug, the var_action entry manages "unset" and bare "export" entries, such as:

export SOMEVAR

It currently does not support multiple variables per entry, and maps them as:

{ "@unset" = "SOMEVAR" }
{ "@export" = "SOMEVAR" }

We need to support multiple variables for this lens, and there are several solutions to implement it:

* One possibility would be to map them as an array using seq:
    { "@unset" { "1" = "SOMEVAR" } { "2" = "OTHERVAR" } }
While this is the most obvious and cleanest option, it breaks compatibility with the current schema, which we want to avoid if possible;
* Another possibility is to simply accept spaces in values, and map them as:
    { "@unset" = "SOMEVAR OTHERVAR" }
I find this quite ugly and not practical as the variables are not properly parsed by the lens;
* David also suggested the possibility of starting an array only at the second variable, like:
    { "@unset" = "SOMEVAR" { "1" = "OTHERVAR" } }
It combines the advantages of not breaking the current scheme, while providing an array. However, it is the only lens that would behave this way, and it makes it a bit clumsy I find that all variables are not treated the same way in the tree.

What would you choose? Would you consider it problematic to break compatibility in order to support this functionality?

Raphaël Pinson
Administrateur Systèmes & Réseaux
Camptocamp France
Savoie Technolac
BP 352
48, avenue du Lac du Bourget
73372 Le Bourget du Lac, Cedex

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